Thursday, 16 October 2014

Tutorial - Robust Side Seams

The dresses we make will most likely be
hand washed washed in a river and rubbed against a stone
to remove stains etc; there won't be washing powder available.

The dress is also likely to be worn every day.

So, it makes sense to consider the construction of the dress, as well as the choice of material and trimmings.

This is my choice for robust side seams; a cross between a French Seam and a Flat Felled Seam.
It takes a little longer to construct the dress and uses more cotton but it should mean the girl who gets one of my dresses will find it lasts her a long time.

I allow a one inch seam allowance for each side seam of the dress.

 Sew material with WRONG sides together and use the inner edge of your machine foot as a guide. Open out and iron so that the RIGHT sides are together. 

 Sew again with the RIGHT sides together but this time use the outer edge of your machine foot as a guide. Raw edges are now encased and are unlikely to unravel.

Flatten seam and then secure further by sewing it down.

The only evidence of the seam is this line of stitching on the right side. You can see there's a strand of cotton poking out near the top of this seam. If you get this just snip it off.

And that's it!
A strong seam which should last infinitely longer than a single one.

Note - Occasionally I start with right sides together as is the norm in sewing.
If I do this I DO NOT unpick my seam but continue; 
the seam visible on the right side of the dress
but it's a neat seam and does not look out of place.

Hope that this helps. 

Note to self - In future polish the fluff off machine before taking photos!!!

Wishing you Love. Peace. Joy. Happiness. Sue

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